The Byakugan is a Dojutsu Kekkei Genkai, which can be obtained through spinning. It is very common.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The Byakugan is an all around type of kekkei genkai. This Kekkei Genkai Grants you Extra 30 Health points and 40 Chakra points resulting in the user having 130 health and 140 chakra, it is widely desired and preferred over Sharingan for this fact. The byakugan grants you enhanced basic melee attacks that reduce your opponents chakra. But it might let you see opponents behind walls and other abilities by seeing their chakra in later updates.


  • Rotation/8 Tiagrams Revolving Heaven: User spins while emitting chakra putting Up a defensive barrier that blocks almost every jutsu in game and does knockback as well as damage.
  • 8 Tiagrams 64 Palms: User hits the closest opponent multiple times lowering their chakra. The user then uses a small rotation that can’t be used defensively or hit multiple targets to knockback their opponent and do medium damage.
  • 8 Tiagrams Vacuum Palm: User holds up their fist as if they’re about to punch something. The user then punches the air in front of them releasing a shockwave when the button is released. This attack pierces through jutsu and goes through barrier moves.