Chakra, abbreviated as CHA, is a status bar that all players have. It is shown in the top left corner of the screen as a blue bar, with a base maximum of 100 Chakra Points.


The base appearance of a chakra bar.

Charka is used to perform all types of Ninjutsu, Sub-Jutsu, Kekkei Genkai abilities, mode abilities, vertical substitutions, and Chakra Walk. Once a player's chakra reaches 0, the listed abilities above will not be able to be used until a sufficient amount of chakra is regenerated. Base form chakra does not naturally regenerate, so charging is required. ("X" Button for Xbox's Edition, "C" on Keyboards, and the blue flame chakra healing button for mobile devices).

Like stamina and health, certain Kekkei Genkai and modes will increase the maximum player chakra points, allowing for more Ninjutsu to be performed. Certain Sub-Jutsus will have a natural chakra regeneration, while certain Kekkei Genkai can deplete the chakra of other players.