Curse Mark move


Curse Mark appearance


This mode is found at the Orochimaru Hideout. This Sub-Jutsu spawns every 4 hours. To collect the Sub-Jutsu, one must first defeat Orochimaru, and then the scroll will spawn where Orochimaru's Hideout is. Afterwards, one must step into the circle and Orochimaru will vanish, granting you Curse Mark in your Sub-Jutsu menu, The user is also required to have at least 260 Rage stats to unlock.


  • +25 HP
  • +15-40 Speed
  • +25 Chakra


  • Active: When you press Z with this mode on, you will be able to use Piston Fist: Style One, a technique where the user grows a jet-booster like arms. After pressing Z, the user will punch foward. It carries you farther if you are in the air.
  • Passive: This mode gives you a faster speed count and regenerates 1 Chakra per ~2 seconds
  • Add Sharigan and you will be like Sasuke:)


  • Need rank D.
  • Rage: 260.



  • The forms move is Jugo's ultimate jutsu in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja STORM 2-4.
  • This Mode can stack with your KG's.
  • The modes move is known as Piston Fist: Style 1, or Living Wall Fist: Style 1.