Custom Susanoo is a susanoo of your customization from the Custom Sharingan that can be bought with 200 000 000 Ryo or with 899R$. Custom Susanoo replaces your mode and allows you to summon a susanoo made by yourself by pressing X while activating your custom sharingan. You can customize your susanoo by changing its colors and adding accessories to it in the Uchiha Hideout. There are currently 3 stages to the custom susanoo.

  • Stage 1: This is stage one of the Custom Susanoo. It uses the ribcage of a Susanoo as well an extendable arm that lands quick and powerful punches onto an opponent, that will keep going until your stamina runs out. This stage requires a KG Level of 320.
  • Stage 2: This is stage 2 of the Customizable Susanoo. This is the skeletal Susanoo. It is significantly slower than the first stage of the Susanoo, but lands powerful hits. This stage requires a KG Level of 720.
  • Stage 3: This is the last form of the Susanoo, in its humanoid form. There are many different customizable weapons for the Susanoo such as the dual katanas (similar to Madara's), the crossbow (similar to the Sub-Jutsu Susanoo), and the drill, (similar to Shisui's filler Susanoo.) with each having different abilities as well as different cosmetics for the mask and the armor/body. The different weapons have different charge attacks. The double blades have Susanoo Blades. The spear make a shockwave that hurts nearby enemys. The final bow, will shoot an arrow upon charging. This stage requires a KG Level of 1000.
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