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Shikotsumyaku is a rare Ninjutsu that has a 1/100 chance of being spun.


  • +50 Hp
  • +50 Chakra


  • Low-Medium chakra consumption
  • Medium-High damage output
  • High combo ability
  • Strong close range moves


  • Large MODE usage
  • No long range moves
  • Deadbone Combo does not prevent the target from attacking


Deadbone Dance* (LVL: 210) A short ranged move that spins the user around, allowing the user to still move around and does medium damage. Shoots out small bone fragments while active.

Deadbone Impale (LVL: 435) Makes large bones appear around the user. Similar to the Ice Transpierce and does low damage.

Deadbone Combo* (LVL: 675) Makes a bone sword appear on the right hand of the user and attacks the opponent then bringing them up in the air and using a move very similar to the Deadbone Dance. A combo-type move. Does not take up any chakra.

*Move does not prevent others from attacking you while being hit by it.


This KG is based off of the Kekkei Genkai that is used by Kimimaro.

This KG allows the user to change the rate of their Osteoclasts and Osteoblasts to create and destroy new bones at will.