General Information

Final Valley is a location located close to the Forest of Death, the Hidden Leaf Village and the Samurai Bridge.

Hashirama's Wood Sage scroll spawns here. It can be found on the lower platform on the small isle that resides at the bottom of the waterfall.

The Slug Summoning can also be found close by. To get it, climb the waterfall, then continue straight forward. The scroll should spawn on the lower platform on the small mountain.

Naruto's Jinchūriki Cloak can also be found close by. It spawns in between two trees and a fence next to the Forest of Death.


The Final Valley is where in the Anime, Naruto and Sasuke fought their first and last battle.The Last battle resulted in the destruction of the statues of Madara Uchiha (At the left) and Hashirama Senju (at the right) it was because when Naruto and Sasuke had run out of Chakra they resorted to their most commonly used jutsu (Naruto) Rasengan and (Sasuke) Chidori, this caused an explosion as the two jutsu were of high caliber.