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Flying Raijin Technique, otherwise known as Flying Thunder God,

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spawns every 4 hours & 48 minutes on Hokage Mountain. Its notable features is the ability to teleport wherever you throw Minato's Special Kunai.

This scroll requires Minato's Special Kunai in hand to work.

You have to be B rank and have 600 ninjutsu points to unlock this subjutsu.


Flying Raijin Technique is a move that makes the user throw the weapon Minato's Special Kunai. If the kunai hits an enemy, the user will teleport in front of the enemy and use a Rasengan on the target. If it doesn't hit an enemy, but rather a wall or such, the user will teleport wherever the kunai stops.


This technique is similar to the technique Minato uses in the anime, where he teleports anywhere he put a special mark on (His kunai, the ground, trees, etc.).

It might be randomized every hour.