Donation This is a super overpriced overpowered game pass that does absolutely nothing but a donation. All donations appreciated :>,

You'll get a special 3 Tomoe Anbu Mask in accessories (Accessories not released as of yet)

199 R$
Akatsuki Membership Pre-Order
Akatsuki Membership Some of its content has been created. This will remain a pre-order until the full content of the gamepass has been created.

Access To Akatsuki Base, Akatsuki Title, and access to exclusive Akatsuki members Jutsu's Forbidden Scroll spawns. You can unlock/find the Akatsuki Forbidden Scrolls in-game for free but they spawn rate is extremely rare. You get access to better spawns: The Akatsuki Forbidden Scrolls spawn in the Akatsuki base by every 2 hours.



Shadow Clones
Shadow Clones Combat This has been created for ALPHA

How to use: Only works with right click combat, it might be too useful as a shield (not intended to be) so expect a nerf

This changes your regular combat system to use clones to fight alongside you instead. Think of it like the storm games Naruto combat. This is not clone jutsu, clone jutsu is free in game

399 R$
Elemental God This has been created for ALPHA

Choice of 3 Element choices in the game instead of 2 Element choices. This affects your clash advantage power put into that third element. This doesn't affect if you can unlock an extra elements.

99 R$
Wear Custom Clothing (PERM) Released on 025

Pasted any ID from the catalog into Shirt and Pants



KG Inventory Save KG's in an inventory once you've spin them, allows you to switch in and out instead of re-spinning KG's. Also buying this gamepass gives you free access to Akatsuki Membership 899