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When Hidden Mist Scroll is used

How-to Obtain

The Scroll can be obtained by defeating Zabuza on the Great Bridge, if you defeat Haku as well, you can obtain the Ice Dragon scroll,


Once used on a player, it can slow the player down and give the blurry effect, damaging them, you can use the first move of Shadow Release. And then use the Hidden Mist, since the first move of Shadow Release can damage the player, along with the Hidden Mist Scroll, it can probably be a guaranteed win once used along with Rashomon, it also takes only 35 Chakra once used.


People can easily escape unless you have a stunning technique like Water Prison , Wood Dragon, Shadow Stitching , etc. Its cooldown is 25 seconds making it one of the longest cooldowns in the game.

Being used on you

When it is being used on you, one of your disadvantages are that you cannot walk as fast as you are slowed down, especially as to when people use a stunning technique like Shadow Stitching, the first move of Shadow Release, or Water Prison, and Wood Dragon. It is one of the worst Sub-Jutsu(s) to be caught in especially if your opponent has a good combo for it.