Jashin is a mode that can be found on the Akatsuki Base. This Sub-Jutsu has a 50% chance to spawn outside the Akatsuki Base every 6 hours and always spawns in the Akatsuki Base every 2 hours. When it spawns, Hidan will appear, with the scroll at his feet. To collect the scroll, all one must do is step into the circle, and Hidan will disappear, granting Jashin at your Sub-Jutsu menu. Upon activation, the mode will change the appearance of the user's head and face (see image).


The mode activated


  • +30 Health
  • +35 Chakra
  • +65 Stamina
  • Curse Technique: Death Controlling Possessed Blood


RobloxScreenShot20180605 142900194

The effect of the mode

  • Active: This mode does not possess any special active.
  • Passive: The move casts a circle around you and the nearest attackable entity around you, the circle will cause black energy to spike around the target hurting them. The damage done by this effect is giving to you as health.


  • This mode is based on the effects of Curse Technique: Death Controlling Possessed Blood, which is Hidan's main method of killing in the anime.
  • While in the anime this move allows the user to injure the target via injuring themselves. For balance's sake it acts as a basic single target AOE vampire effect.
  • This mode can be seen as the Counterpart to Kisame Fusion, due to the fact that it will drain the targets health and add it to the users own.