Momoshiki's Rinnegan [was] one of the rarest Kekkei Genkai in the game before the Beta Update, which decreased the rarities of rare KGs. When activated, the user holds a red axe in their left hand and a red eye in their right hand. It also adds 40 to your max health, and 45 to your max chakra.

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Absorption move can deflect ranged projectiles
  • Red Chakra Dispersal can essentially prevent blocking because it instantaneously drains the enemy's stamina
  • Dimensional Tensei has no cast time, making it convenient to use in a panic to push away enemies.
  • Dimensional Tensei requires your Kekkai Gekkai to be 900+ and deals low damage


Absorption [Lv. 355]

User holds out their right hand and starts being able to absorb ninjutsu fired at them, effectively making the user invincible except to taijutsu. Slowly drains chakra the longer you hold. This move evens deflects some ninjutsu like lava spit, damaging and knocking enemies back.

Red Chakra Dispersal [Lv. 666]

User smashes with their red axe and creates a small, close-range AOE shockwave around them. This move steals 90 chakra from the enemy, adding it to yours. It deals 9 damage and requires 5 chakra (but will return 90 chakra if it lands successfully)

Dimension Tensei [Lv. 960]

User sends out a huge and fast long-range blast, dealing low damage and knocking back enemies.