Ninjutsu is a type of jutsu that mainly relies on natural elements. These elements include Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, and Lightning. Each ninjutsu is unique, and most hardly have a difference in damage. Certain ninjutsu can be applied to specific weapons, such as the Kusanagi, by equipping the ninjutsu in the corresponding weapon slot. To activate the jutsu, hold down the attack button to charge the ninjutsu. Upon release, the ninjutsu will be cast.

List of Ninjutsu

Earth Style Ninjutsu

Earth Wall

Earth Wall Strike

Earth Crumble

Mud Dragon

Earth Pillars

Fire Style Ninjutsu


Dragon Breath

Flame Dragon

Phoenix Fireball

Fire Blast Wave

Water Style Ninjutsu

Water Bullet

Water Prison

Water Shark

Water Wave

Water Dragon

Wind Style Ninjutsu

Wind Bullets

Wind Cutter

Wind Tornado

Wind Rasen-Shuriken

Lightning Style Ninjutsu


Chidori Current

Lightning Strike

Chidori Nagashi

Chidori Senbon