Sand Mode


This Mode is found near Sunagakure, or the Village Hidden in the Sand. It will be just past the health tent. This Sub-Jutsu spawns every 3 hours. To collect the Sub-Jutsu, one must first defeat Gaara, and then the scroll will spawn close to where Choji spawned. Afterwards, one must step into the circle and Gaara will vanish, granting you Sand Combat in your Sub-Jutsu menu.


  • +30 HP
  • +5-15 Speed
  • +25 Chakra
  • +87 Stamina (might recharge slower)


  • Active: This move does not possess any special active.
  • Passive: Anything you hit while this mode is on will be surrounded by damaging sand, causing more damage to your Taijutsu attacks.


  • In the anime, only Gaara is able to use the unique power of moving sand at will, thanks to his being the jinchuriki of the One-Tailed Beast, Shukaku. His father, the Fourth Kazekage, is able to move Gold Sand, a different, yet fundamentally similar kind of jutsu.
  • In the 058 Update, the Sand Combat Knockback was removed.
  • This mode can stack with your KGs.