It is obtainable. There are 3 moves: Universal Black Flame Pull, Black Flame Chidori, and Chibaku Meteor Shower. These moves are obtained once the player reaches Kekkei Genkai level 560, 760 and 999. Health and Chakra are increased by 50 each upon activation.


  • Good for an Ambush/Sneak Attack
  • Stuns target
  • High damage
  • Third move can knock back enemies.


  • Short-Range
  • Third move is buggy and doesn't work accurately in most servers
  • Second move can easily backfire
  • High mode consumption


  • Passive: When using combat, the user also summons Meteors crashing down (3rd move) and summons the first move. The Passive ability for Sasuke's Rinnegan has been removed.
  • Universal Pull Black Flames Universal Flame Pull (Level 560): Pulls the target(s) towards the user and summons Black Flames (Amaterasu) around them. Rapidly depletes chakra and can deal two ticks of 15 base damage if held. 20 second cooldown.
  • Black Flame Chidori 2 Black Flame Chidori (Level 760): This move creates something similar to Chidori, except with Black Flames spurting from it. The move can be held for infinite amount of time, and it pulls in players similar to Universal Flame Pull. Once the jutsu is released, the chidori will deal 25 base damage. 20 second cooldown.
  • Chibaku Meteor Shower Chibaku Meteor Shower (Level 999): This move can be held until the user's chakra is depleted. It summons multiple meteors around the users that crash down in an unpredictable fashion, dealing 25 base damage each. 15 second cooldown.

For more info about this KG, click here: (developers video on it)