The appearance of Seven Heavens when active

Seven Heavens is a mode that can be found in the Hidden Sand Village, and it spawns every 2.5 hours (2 hours 30 minutes).

This mode carries many similarities to the Hidden Gates. When this mode is active the user has a yellow aura covering them.


  • +Speed Boost
  • -HP Drain


  • Active: When you press the button to activate the mode when the mode is active the user summons a shockwave around them,a hawk's screech is heard, and if any NPCs or players are in the shockwave radius the user will launch a barrage of kicks/punches dealing heavy damage. This move uses 30 Chakra.
  • Passive: Yellow aura around users body, speed boost, and Taijutsu moves are boosted.


  • Need Rank D.
  • Rage: 420.



  • In the anime this mode is used by Shira, a Taijutsu user from the Hidden Sand Village.
  • This is the one of the modes found in the Hidden Sand Village, the other being Gaara's Sand Combat.
  • This mode is very similar to Hidden Gates.
  • Mode is able to stack with KG.
  • To get this mode go to the Hidden Sand Village and go to where the Rouge Sands Spawn, go the opposite direction of the outskirts and go towards the sea, then you will see Rock Lee and get the scroll
  • The requirement to unlock is to be level 520 and have 130 rage.