This mode is found at Ryuchi Cave. This Sub-Jutsu spawns every 3 hours. When it spawns, a large snake in the cave will appear, with a scroll at his...body, I think? To collect the scroll, all one must do is step into the circle, and the snake will vanish, granting you the Snake Summoning in your Sub-Jutsu menu.


When you activate this Sub-Jutsu, a huge snake at Lvl. 0 will appear before you. If you do not have a target, the snake will disappear within seconds. This jutsu drains 60 Chakra from you, so it is best to use Ocular KGs such as Sharingan, Byakugan, Tenseigan, Rinnegan, etc., or you can use Modes.

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  • In the anime, this Summoning was first used by Orochimaru, then was taught to Sasuke by him.
  • It is also called the snack summon in NxB