Storm Release is a Kekkei Genkai that has a 1/50 chance of being spun.


  • High damage
  • Stun enemies for a long time


  • Long cool down


  • Demon Dragon Storm: User casts a big, gray thundercloud that starts raining, dealing a good damage to any enemy that gets under the cloud and pushing them back. (Level 285)
  • Thunder Cloud Inner Wave: This move is similar to Demon Dragon Storm, but instead the user summons a gray thundercloud around them that emits lightning. Enemies that come in contact with it are stunned and take a good amount of damage. (Level 455)
  • Laser Circus: This is the final move of Storm Release. User fires out 3 fast-moving lightning bolts that deals a good damage each to enemies it hits. Enemies can be hit by more than one lightning bolt. (Level 765)


This KG is based off of the Storm Elemental KG that is used by Darui.