The Tenseigan is a powerful dojutsu used by the Otsutsuki clan. It has a 1/360 chance of being spun. When activated it gives an eye pattern but it isn’t seen often as the user is also covered in a bright green aura. This dojutsu also gives the user 7 truth seeking balls.

Strengths and Weaknesses

This dojutsu seems to give a medium amount of health as well as a medium amount of chakra upon activation. Most moves are good offensively however the third move is the most offensive. Also this KG provides benefits during close combat.


  • Passive: When the user punches they send truth seeking balls out as combat.
  • Silver Wheel Of Reincarnation: User makes one of their truth seeking balls move to their hand then charges it with chakra. When the button is released the user releases an orb of gravity similarly to the rasengan.
  • Golden Wheel Of Reincarnation: The User puts all of their truth seeking balls into their hand then releases a golden beam from their palm. Similar to the vacuum palm this pulls enemies into the beam. Once you are attracted you take 30 damage.
  • Localised Reincarnation: User has their truth seeking balls follow the closest opponent doing large damage.