Appearance of Zetsu when activated.


It is a mode that when activated, the user places their trademark venus flytrap onto the user, this mode has nearly unparalleled stealth potential due to its mayfly passive. It also gives a noticeable speed boost when underground. It is obtained at C Rank with 650 rage, it is an akatsuki scroll that spawns every 2 hours in the Akatsuki Base and a 50% chance to spawn every 6 hours right outside it.


  • +35 HP
  • +35 Chakra
  • +45 Speed
  • +Mayfly Technique


  • Active: When you press Z with this mode on, you will be able to use an offensive variant of mayfly, which has a giant venus flytrap spikes emerge from the ground causing medium damage to targets within its range.
  • Passive: When the user moves at all, they will sink into the ground moving at a high speed, which is the mayfly techniques normal use.


  • The Move is Based on white and black zetsus mayfly technique, albeit used in a more offensive manor.
  • This Mode can stack with your KG's.